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For your convenience, we have added a printable Express Check-In Form/Lodging Ticket that you can open, print, fill out, and bring in with you on check-in day, or you could fax it to us at (814) 456-7297. The printable forms do not have to be completed if you have submitted a lodging reservation using the online portal.

The more information you provide about your pet helps us to better know your pet - allowing for the best possible experience.  Below is a list of forms that help us to gather information about your pet.  Please complete the form(s) that correspond to the services you are interested in.  Please note: not all forms are printable.  Some of the forms on this page are submitted electronically.

We are excited to now offer a new online portal for making reservations at Paws 'n Claws!  Submit your reservation electronically by completing the electronic version of the forms through your very own personal account. This will help make your check-in faster and easier. Click HERE to go to our lodging page where you will select the "Log In" button of the location in which you would like to lodge. The portal will walk you through the rest.  Please note:  if you are a first-time customer, please complete the "New Customer" form below.  If this is the first time a specific pet has lodged with us, please complete the "New Pet" form below.


Boarding Forms

Lodging Ticket - Girard (printable - please bring with you at check-in)

Lodging Ticket - Erie (printable - please bring with you at check-in)

Boarding Agreement - Erie & Girard (printable - please bring at check-in)

Medication Form - Erie & Girard (printable - please bring at check-in if pet is on medication)

New Customer Form - Erie & Girard (electronic)

New Pet Form - Erie & Girard (electronic)


PlayCare Forms

PlayCare Packet - Erie Only (printable)


Training Forms/Applications

Training page with class descriptions, fees and applications (link to our training page)