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Dog PlayCare | Paws 'n Claws in Erie, PA

Paws ‘n Claws PlayCare and Styling S’paw is located in Erie on West 26th Street, one block East from Greengarden Ave. in the Tops Market Plaza. We are bringing the former Hollywood Video Store back to life as a playground for dogs and as a Styling S’paw to pamper your pets. Now, your DOG is the STAR!

What is Dog PlayCare?

Group of dogs in the PlayCare at Paws 'n Claws in Erie, PA.

At Paws ‘n Claws PlayCare, we specialize in caring for your dog while you are at work or when you have other commitments that would require your dog to be left home alone. We are dedicated to giving the pets in our care a day of fun and exercise by participating in games and activities, socializing with other dogs and getting lots of emotional and mental stimulation.

The end result will be the happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind you will get from knowing that you are providing your pet with the utmost in personal care and affection by bringing them to dog PlayCare. Of course, your dog will love it too!

Requirements for Group Play:

  • Your dog must be current on all vaccines including Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella (canine cough).
  • Your dog must be wearing a monthly flea product.
  • Your dog must pass a temperament test, which tests for compatibility with other dogs in play groups.
  • Your dog must have had a negative fecal float within 30 days prior to participating in PlayCare.
  • Dogs six (6) months old or older must be spayed or neutered. Puppies younger than six (6) months may be tested, approved and participate in group play, but must be spayed or neutered by six (6) months of age in order to continue to play.
  • Owner must complete a PlayCare Packet prior to the temperament test, which includes the PlayCare Agreement with all understanding of participating in PlayCare.
  • For the safety of all dogs participating in PlayCare, some breed restrictions do apply.

Rates for Group Play:

Owners of approved dog guests staying one night or longer at Paws 'n Claws at the Erie location have the option of purchasing full-day PlayCare passes during their stay at only $5.00 per day. This price does not apply to pups who participate in the Unlimitted PlayCare package. PlayCare pups must be qualified, temperament tested & approved, and have participated in our PlayCare at least once prior to boarding. To schedule a temperament test, please call our Erie location at (814) 456-7297.


PLAY PASS          PRICE                      
Quarter-Day Play Pass (Up to 3 Hours)                           $13.00
Half-Day Play Pass (From 3-6 Hours) $19.00
Full-Day Play Pass (6+ Hours) $35.00


PLAY PASS PACKAGE      PRICE                SAVINGS                     
Half-Day 5-Day $90.00 $5.00
Half-Day 10-Day $171.00 $19.00
Full-Day 5-Day $166.00 $9.00
Full-Day 10-Day $316.00 $34.00
Unlimitted $383.00/mo.

Up to $525.00! (based on 26 full-days of play)


Dog playing at Paws 'n Claws in Erie, PA.Multi Dog Discount: We offer a 10% discount for multiple same-household dogs for PlayCare. All dogs must be living in the same household.

Group play is Monday through Saturday only - there is no group play on Sundays at this time.

Printable Forms:

Click on the link below to go to our Forms page where you can access and print our PlayCare Packet. After you print the packet, please fill it out and bring it with you to your scheduled Temperament Test appointment.  All temperament tests must be scheduled in advance.  To schedule your temperament test, please call (814) 456-7297.

Click on the link to go to the Forms Page


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